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Two Best Options for Consumer with Bad Credit

Get payday, short-term loans & cash advance in Canada. % online. Cash with instant decision. No hidden fees. Perfect credit not required. Online Loans Across Canada. Credit Club is proud to offer loans online to the residents of Ontario and British zwrot-podatku.cfns of Toronto or Ottawa can apply online from the comfort of their home and receive the funds usually the same business day. Canadians from Vancouver and Victoria know they can be approved even if they have less-than . The Fastest Online Loans in Canada. Ferratum is an international provider of mobile consumer loans. As a pioneer in the field of financial technology and mobile lending, we have expanded our operations to 27 countries since

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The service is great and if you need to reloans just send them an email and they will reply right away. Compare to other lending company ferratum do not charge hidden fees and other BS service fees. Very quick service great customer service understood the customer needs got my application approved with very affordable terms of repayment.

Keep up the great job. I was pleasantly surprised with the help I received. I wasn't judged for my current situation and all correspondence I had with your staff was a positive one. Thank you for helping me and I look forward in receiving more help in order to consolidate my debt. Apply Now Write Review. Loans Offered Below are all the loan products offered by this company. I got my 3rd loan from ferratum. Very quick service great customer … awesome team.

Great service all round. The 3 report numbers I got were: Hi Dante, Thanks for all of the details. I would recommend looking into a lower interest credit card for a start. To look into this more, visit https: There are a range of providers who offer these types of cards and that could at least help you save on some of the interest you are likely paying month-to-month as it can add up.

Have you thought about debt consolidation? That also could be another option. There is some information on this on our site depending on where you live in the country — https: I hope you find this information useful — let me know if I can help in any other way.

Hope you can help me to have a loan. Hello, If you are looking for a loan please click on one of the links on our homepage to apply — https: They can often provide you with different solutions than you may be finding now. I hope that you find something soon. Hi Bryan, Thanks for your message. I suggest that you visit one of the links on our homepage — http: One of these providers can help you with a loan once you complete the application form with your details.

I have a bad credit score, i was looking into taking all my bills and turn it into one bill. I have my car payments of I am need of around 70, to 80, and could afford to pay You definitely sound like a good debt consolidation candidate. Hi I have pretty bad credit and am looking for a loan of just to cover some personal stuff going on is there anywhere that will approve me for more than ?

Hi Allen, Thanks for your message. After you fill in the application form, someone should be able to assist you. The similarities between Breton and Lefhan are too coincidental. Have you heard anything about Lefhan? Web site very minimal, please let me know if anyone has heard or dealt with Lefhan Monetary Trust. I have an uneasy feeling regarding this company. I am thinking about the old saying, that if something seems too good to be true…thanks for listening look forward to more information.

Did you apply through our site. I agree with you in that if you have a bad feeling that you should do more research on this firm. If you did find this lender through our site, can you please let us know? We want to ensure the integrity of our lenders and want you to feel confident with those that you apply for loans with. Has anyone head of this company? I tried to get a loan and received an e-mail from Dominion Lending Group.

I am a single mom and I am having so much trouble paying everything by myself, I can barely buy food for my kids. Oh and by the way, the telephone number that they provided is no longer in service…. I hope no one else got caught in their scam. Man, do I ever feel stupid for giving them that money. Where were you connected to Dominion? Have you complained to the BBB or to the financial services authority in your area?

I hope that things work out for you Lisa, Miriam. For anyone who is in search of a loan etc. They are all scams and the likelihood of you ever obtaining your funds back is zero. Like someone mentioned before: If you are a victim of these scams report it to the authorities where the incident occurred as well as the RCMP anti-fraud unit.

Have you tried to connect with one of our mortgage brokers? They will have to look at your individual situation to see how they can help you. Visit our mortgage broker pages and click on the links to progress with the application. Hi I have been looking for a personal loan my credit is poor and I have tried other sites but nothing I do have steady income. These loan companies are all scams.

They have been used by legalized loan sharks. Like are you guys with these scammers?? Again why are they on here.

I googled all 3 of them. People lost their entire life savings and work earnings. I work full time and can pay back the loan. We are about to get evicted and have no where to go but the streets. Hello Cherita, Sorry for the delay. Have you tried to apply through our personal loans links?

These contacts can help you. If you click on the link you will be guided through an application process. Let me know if that helps, Miriam. We offer information but we are not aware of these firms being an issue for others. Have you personally spoken to these loan firms? I also apologize for the delay in getting back to you as there were some issues with the site.

I suggest that you get in touch with one of the lenders listed so they can see if they can help. Hi Carrie, Thanks for your message. Have you tried to look at some of our car lenders? One of them may be able to help you — https: You would need to show a good standing from a credit perspective as well as your income.

Your options may be limited but it is still worth looking at personal loans. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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