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Federal Trade Commission if they get one of these calls. I have been having the very same call saying they will be filing charges against me for an online loan they say I received. They will then start religiously calling your Google Voice number. Portfolio Recovery Associates appears to be a scam, not a real debt collector. A Stop My Payday Loans payday representative will create a personalized payday relief program unique for your situation. This is another version of an imposter scam where someone claims to be from a government agency and demands payment.

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 · You took out a payday loan at some point in the past few years. While the calls to friends and family might not stop, you can end the calls to yourself. I understand. Sounds serious, but I  · If you are receiving payday loan scam calls, which are described in the below press release, do not follow the caller’s instructions. Rather, you should: Notify your banking institutions. Contact the three major credit bureaus and request an alert be put on your file. Contact your local law › Home › News › Press Room › Press Releases.  · PayDay Loan Calls coming in randomnly..???? You will get the calls for a couple of days and then they will stop. Do NOT answer any of these calls, just let it go t voice mail. so if they sold your number to someone else wouldnt that make the payday loan companies the scam not the collectors? its not the collectors fault that they were

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Your information is always kept secure and confidential in their encrypted database. There are no references required and no up front fees. Click here to access DayLoans and learn how much you could be approved for.

Amy claims she began receiving phone calls from Martin and Seibert regarding collection for her debt. According to court documents, when Amy was first contacted by a Martin and Seibert collection agent while she was at her place of work, she requested that the collector cease placing telephone calls to her place of employment regarding the alleged debt.

Despite her request, Amy continued to receive telephone calls from Martin and Seibert representatives at her place of employment. Persistent Collectors Annoy And Harass Amy often hung up the phone on such occasions, but Martin and Seibert representatives would call back immediately thereafter. On numerous occasions Amy reiterated to the collection representatives her request not to be called at work too often explaining that calls of such a nature were not allowed by her employer.

Be advised — any references you listed on your payday loan application will be contacted. Let those people know that this is a scam, and they can disregard. Google Voice is a great replacement voice mail system for just about any phone number you use. Messages can be transcribed and voice mail recordings can be saved as mp3 files. Pro Tip — call the fraudsters with a Google Voice number before turning off your old phone numbers.

Make sure when you call you identify yourself so they can start up their script. At any point after they have your information pulled up just hang up.

They will then start religiously calling your Google Voice number. At this point, you are free to change your regular phone number s and enjoy not having these people ever call you again. And laugh at the fact these people are basically talking to a brick wall several times a day. Completing a form on this site does not enroll you into a payday settlement program.

If you do enter into a payday settlement program with a Stop My Payday Loans partner, your program may last 3 to 12 months. Clients who are enrolled in a payday settlement program may realize savings at the completion of the program including applicable fees.

These figures are based on enrolled unsecured payday debts, and may vary depending on your individual payday settlement program. There is no guarantee that we will lower your payday debt by either amount or percentage, or that you will be debt free at any set time.

We do not make monthly payments to creditors, take on consumer debt, nor do we provide credit repair services, or bankruptcy, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Contact a tax professional for tax advice and consequences of debt settlement. Contact a lawyer to discuss bankruptcy options.

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 · Find information on common scams and frauds that can happen to you. you may be authorizing the purchase of items or signing up for a loan you didn’t ask for. There are things to look out for to prevent being a victim of an IRS imposter scam. Do: Beware if someone calls claiming to be from the IRS. The IRS will always contact you  · A man with a heavy accent said he was a lawyer calling about a payday loan I hadn’t paid. whatever was happening was a scam. in handy if you have to seek outside help to stop the calls WARNING ABOUT FAKE PAYDAY LOAN COLLECTION CALLS. ATTORNEY GENERAL MADIGAN ISSUES WARNING ABOUT FAKE PAYDAY LOAN COLLECTION CALLS. As usual, the scammers keep trying and keep warning. Chicago – Attorney General Lisa Madigan today warned Illinois residents to be on the alert for scam artists posing as