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Have you applied for or been declared insolvent? Nett Monthly Income Take Home Your nett monthly income is the amount of money you take home after taxes and deductions. Financial support is needed to lead a normal modern life, if not a Luxury life. Please enter your mobile number. Thank You We will keep you updated. Lets face the fact. The entire transaction was completed in superlative speed and the money was credited into my account on the same day of approval!

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Payday Loans are short term loans that serve as quick cash to meet emergency expenses. These loans, along with cash advances, can be used as short term loans to take you through to your next payday when fee payment and balance are due. Like traditional loans, payday loans come with an interest rate percentage, and, as it stands, South Africa’s payday loan rate, compared to other countries, is very low and far more regulated. Lets look at South Africa vs. the UK for instance. South Africa's leading name in payday loans. Fast paperless cash loans From R Up To R3 Apply Online.

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Fill In Your Monthly Expenses. Looking for the best Personal Loan deal for you? Compare a range of Personal Loan providers in minutes. Review our search comparison results, then simply select your preferred provider to request more information. Have a question relating to Personal Loans? We've put together a comprehensive list of FAQs. Find out more about Personal Loans, so that you can make an informed decision when finding the right loan to suit your needs.

Read through our Personal Loans glossary to help you learn more. Personal loans have been a matter of some debate for a long time, both in South Africa and all across the world. Managing your debt is a tricky task. Hippo Comparative Services Pty Ltd is an authorised financial service provider. About Blog News Press Contact. What will you use the money for? Please select money type. How much would you like to borrow? Please select or enter a loan amount.

R - R R - R Please enter the exact amount required below: How long do you want to borrow it for? Please select a loan duration. Please enter your name. Please enter your mobile number.

Please enter contact number. Please enter your email address. Please enter your id number. ID Number Your South African ID number will be used to perform a credit reference check in order to calculate a personalised loan offer for you.

Please enter physical street address. Are you a homeowner? Please select your homeowner status. Are you currently employed? Please select your employment status. How is your income paid into your account? Please select income paid type.

We'll show you loans likely to say yes Searching on Hippo today, won't harm your credit score since we only leave one enquiry unlike if you shopped around for different loan providers individually.

Fast, easy and always free to use Your data is handled securely by the latest Internet technology and encryption. Please select Number of dependants. With which bank do you have an account?

Please enter gross monthly income. We live in the world where Money is very important and without it life becomes difficult. Financial support is needed to lead a normal modern life, if not a Luxury life. This is where Loans come into the picture. Loans were created by Banks and Financial Institutes to lend Cash Loans for people who are in need of it. Sometimes, even for some basic needs, you may have to borrow money. You may decide to move to the next step in you life, by buying a Car, or may be a good House, or start a new Business, or even to go for a world tour for your Wedding Anniversary.

For these type of expenses, one cannot save money from his salary. Out of all the types of loans, there are two types of loans which are popular. Payday Loans are nothing but small Cash Loans where you can borrow cash up to R to meet short term cash crunch and repay in couple of months.

On the other hand, by getting Personal Loans , you can borrow large amounts of cash and spend it for your requirements, such as, to buy your dream car, or new furniture, or to expand your business, or even for your Debt Consolidation.

Since Personal Loans are long term loans, your loan repayment period will be longer. We connect you directly with the best Personal Loan Lenders so that they compete to give you a Personal Loan.

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Res Q Loans is a premier online provider of cash advances. Our fast, convenient service has helped thousands of South Africans bridge the gap between paydays from the comfort of their homes or offices. Dube Loans is a Proudly South African Company. We are based in the Eastern Cape but service the whole country when it comes to Unsecured, Personal Loans. We are registered with the NCR and MFSA. A Personal Loan can help you cover unforeseen expenses or help you to make those home improvement dreams come true. is here to help you compare Personal Loan quotes and information in South Africa.